Maintaining your health and wellbeing during COVID-19

Responsibilities and GMC guidance

The GMC’s Good Medical Practice guidance underlines that doctors are responsible for protecting patients against risks posed by their own health or their colleagues’ fitness to practice.

Long hours and difficult working conditions can cause both physical and mental stress that can ultimately impact patient safety. GMC guidance is to seek advice from a suitably qualified colleague or other medical professional, and not to self-prescribe.

Support resources

NHS Practitioner Health Free, confidential service for help with mental health and addiction problems.

NHS COVID-19 Workforce Wellbeing support Additional NHS resources for healthcare professionals.

BMA Wellbeing Support Services Comprehensive range of support services for doctors, including counselling and peer support.

Health for Health Professionals Wales Self-help, guided self-help, peer support and virtual face to face therapies with accredited specialists.

PMP’s medico-legal helpline is available 24/7 if you need advice in relation to a clinical incident or complaint.

Wellness Resources